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Conferences (Watch part of the show at Autism One)
For those who heard us at Autism One or the LIA Conference, we thank you for your participation and great questions. We will endeavor to continue to provide you with information as we find it. For now, here are three documents that may be of interest: My Baby's Environment, Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary and Improve Air Quality.

  • For the entire Autism One presentation, see the www.thriiive.com website.
  • For the WEHL and THRiiiVE.com video on reducing Electrosmog, click here.

  • See the Resources page for more information.

    Healthy Homes for our Children
    Join us in our mission for every man, woman and child to live, work and play in a healthy environment.

    Ten easy steps you can implement today:    Tips & Tricks for a healthier home

    1.) Sleep with HEAD at least 6 feet and BODY 3 feet from Electrical Sources - if need clock - battery powered
    2.) Sleep at least 2 rooms from the BASE of your cordless phone (until you get rid of it)
    3.) Sleep WITHOUT Baby MONITORS & METAL in Baby CRIBS (don't buy bed with metal)
    4.) Turn off WI-FI/Wireless Internet Access at night (a cheap timer is ideal for this
    5.) Don't use CELL PHONE in car or against head ...especially with healing child. There is no MAGIC protection.
    6.) Take SHOES OFF before entering HOME! Shoes track in PESTICIDES.
    7.) Put a FILTER on your Air Return System that is MERV 11-13 and Cycle the Air Handling Unit (particulate removal)
    8.) OPEN 2 WINDOWS on opposite sides of the home for fresh air - especially for your BABY
    9.) Don't buy or bring home things/products that SMELL that you aren't planning to eat (from THRiiiVE.com)
    10.) Use PLASTICS wisely - for example baby bottles.

    See the Programs page for more information.

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